With the earthy/robust vocals of Nate Donnis and the creative production of Kolby Knickerbocker, Rodello’s Machine takes on an animated and lively spirit, full of inspired melodies/lyrics on a warm acoustic backbone.

Their self titled EP (2009) has received multiple placements on nationwide TV programs including MTV’s Degrassi High, receives 1000’s of plays per week on Pandora Radio, and enjoys international distribution on syndicated radio.

Their new album “Red Dust” sets off on the same journey, featuring new musicians Phil Woodring (Drums), Jacob Miranda (Bass) and Balaji Raao (Hindustani vocals) who add their expertise and flavor to each song. The violin of Melissa Barrison contributes much to the unique sound with intricate lines that swim and dive between themes. A fan describes their sound as “Eddie Vedder meets Tom Waits at a folk festival”.

Nate enjoys early mornings (5:30am or earlier) and aimlessly wandering through Target shopping center, while Kolby finds pleasure in leisurely walks and tinkering on his car.

“Good lord, [they] had me hooked from the word go!”
– Jason Grishkoff, Indieshuffle.com

“Stunning compositions…really great songwriting…really great stuff!”
– Valida Carroll, KCRW (89.9 FM)

“Rodello’s Machine are way beyond accomplished, they can write songs that are free spirited that boast an import to set it apart from the generic swathes that pass for much of modern music.”
– Kevin Hugger, MP3Hugger.com

“Rodello’s Machine create simply good music for those who enjoy the beauty of a song with melody and organic life. [Their] heartfelt music perfectly complements the struggles and victories of us all.”
– Tim Reid Jr., Music Connection

“If the taste provided by [their EP] is any sign, there are good things yet to come from Rodello’s machine.”
Mark Pulliam, San Diego Troubadour

“Rodello’s Machine is a breath of fresh air. There is just so much to like about these two talented musicians. Perhaps indie greatness is calling.”
Dan MacIntosh, IndieMusicReview.com

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